Young Writers' Conference Press Release
   The Young Writers' Conference is wrapping up this years series Friday at Washington Elementary. 
   This was our ninth year and it has been tremendous.  As we gear up for our 10th year anniversary, we will be creating new learning opportunities, expanding our services, while most importantly, continuing to excite young scholars with our professional, original, Young Writers' Conference.
   If you are able to join us this Friday, it would be our pleasure.  Also, let us know if you need any additional information or would like to speak with any of the participants.
Washington Elementary
School Hosts the Young Writers' Conference Friday, June 1st
Conference wraps up 9th year with Keynote Speaker and Award-Winning Sports Author, Jeff Savage

Redondo Beach, CA - May 31, 2007 -Washington Elementary School, in Redondo Beach, is hosting the Young Writers' Conference for the first time this Friday, June 1st, from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.  The Young Writers' Conference is a Los Angeles-based organization dedicated to improving young people's writing skills by first instilling a passion for writing.


The professional day-long conference begins with a keynote presentation at 8:30, then the third though fifth graders will participate in four one hour-long workshops that they have selected and pre-registered for online. The workshops are lead by published authors, professional writers and speakers from a variety of genres and disciplines, who combine their professionalism, expertise, and experience to create dynamic learning and writing opportunities for the students.

new image"This is our ninth year of producing the writing conference, and it has been incredible," commented co-founder Rena Svetic.  "Our goal has always been to create a high-level professional day-long conference for the participating schools and their students, and we continued to perfect our model this year. We added distinguished new writers and presenters, and have created an atmosphere that is respectful of the young participants and allows them to express themselves in extraordinary ways."
"Many organizations spend countless millions of dollars to turn our young people into consumers of popular culture and mass marketing," continued co-founder Julie Moore.  "Our organization empowers students to be creators of culture, not consumers.  Everything we do is toward that end, which is why we focus on every aspect of the environment we create for the conference.  We are looking forward to our upcoming 10th year anniversary, and are planning a variety of new, stimulating and engaging activities for young writers."

About Young Writers' Conference


In 1998, the National Writing Commission on Writing in America's Schools issued a call to launch a writing revolution in our country's schools; a call that was answered with the foundation of the Young Writers' Conference (YWC) in the Los Angeles area.  Now in its ninth year, YWC continues to bring their program, which is organized like a university conference, to elementary and middle school students throughout the Los Angeles region.  Pairing students with professional writers from a wide variety of disciplines, the students participate in a series of workshops designed to fulfill the mission of improving their writing skills by first instilling a passion for writing.  For more information, please visit:


Media Contact:

Elisabeth Hinckley

310 528 6919

Washington Elementary School
1100 Lilienthal Lane, Redondo Beach, CA 90278


8:30 am - 2:30 pm

Friday, June 1, 2007


Press is invited to attend.