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nlike many workshops geared for children, we have not limited ourselves to any specific writing genre. Annually, at a local elementary school, 45 professional writers teach 75 workshops on topics ranging from news writing to short stories and even how to write persuasive advertisements. Our guest writers do not lecture; they teach the kids to write. Children learn fast and after a day of exposure to the professionals, some pint-sized scribblers become passionate about writing. The day becomes a stepping stone toward further literary endeavors. The conference can jolt kids out of feeling “ho hum” about English assignments. Our professional writers facilitate young writers in finding their inner voices and then a skill for life.
he Young Writers’ Conference is organized like an adult writers’ conference. Prior to the event, students receive a program that includes speaker biographies, workshop choices, literary games and puzzles. The students can then register their workshop choices through our online registration process. Each student will choose 3 to 4 different workshops to attend. The fun begins with a motivational address by a keynote speaker. From there, students receive their personalized schedule for the day, name tags, note pads, writing implements and themed t-shirt. After participating in the workshops students close with a wrap-up session where they share some of what they learned with their peers. For students, teachers, volunteers and guests, it is an unforgettable, fun and educational day.
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